Harald & Petra

have been used to saunas during their life in Germany and Finland. When they met in 1999 in Glasgow during their studies at the Glasgow School of Art they started to collaborate with sauna events - art happenings with a sauna.

The first event: Sauna - bring your own towel
was a tentsauna, placed in the courtyard of the Richmond building of the Glasgow School of Art and was run for a night, where everybody was invited to join in and have a sauna.

In the rather prudish british society saunas have still got a sleazy image and it is achallenge to many peoples perception to participate in an event such as this

The second event: Saunabaari
As part of the Cabinexchange during the AYE - A Yearly Event week of the Glasgow School of Art, Harald and Petra have built a sauna including shower & changing room into a 10 x 8 foot portacabin. The portacabin was placed in the city centre of Renfrew Street and the shower was connected to the Students Union Vic bar across the road from the cabin. The woodburning sauna-stove was heated up and the sauna was open to the public for one night only. The sauna was dismantled the next morning

The reception was quite something. Passersby were amazed by the event and during the event ca. 20 people took part in the actual sauna, not counting the amount of people outside that were not quite up to experiencing a sauna...

The third event: Lochsauna
will take place in early november at Cove Park. So much for now - the tentsauna will be placed close loch long and will be again open to the public and run for one night. BBQ & bonfire will be provided as well as the accustomary sausages and beer...

The fourth event: Whisky-barrel-sauna
a sauna will be built into a whisky barrel. As Whisky is one of Scotlands most renown products, what is more appropriate than to use this for a sauna. Harald & Petra are currently trying to find a sponsor for this new artproject...


Magnus built a sauna into a SAAB !

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