Harald & Petra would like to thank

Sam & Jason

for their invaluable help during all stages of the project! we couldn't have done it without them !!!

Colin & Anna

for their help in designing the cabinsauna. our swedish architects have been very good...

the photographers
Sam, Jake [and ourselves] & Chloe for video & audio

Will & Cabinexchange

for making the whole project possible. Will, Jake, Charlie & Ayesha have pulled off an amazing stunt.

The Student Union, especially Nick & Rachel

for funding the project, helping us with the water supply and generally for being good sports.

The Hilton on Gt. Western Rd in Glasgow

for the loan of 30 wonderful thick white fluffy towels.

Nexi for selling us the sauna at a reduced price in the first place

and finally the
RCCA - Ruchill Centre for Contemporary Art

for all the help in the whole project from the very beginning to this very website!!!