The RCCA aims to further Contemporary Fine Art through the interference of its members & staff with both the everyday life and art and science, and through helping contemporary artists from Glasgow and the rest of the world achieving their goals.

Since the RCCA is a non-profit organisation that is financially only sponsored by its directorate, we cannot help artists with money. Money however is in most cases not the answer to artists problems wanting to create a piece of work.

Through the expertise of our staff in areas such as engineering, photography, metal & wood works, vacuum forming, organisation, liaising with the industry, web design & design as such, digital video filming/editing, creation of DVD's,..... we have already made a lot of projects possible.

Our aim is not only to support artists, but to widen the horizon of most people. We want to bring art back into the community and into everyday life of everybody.

The importance of art cannot be over-stressed and its links with science, social science, psychology, medicine,... need to be made aware.